K’taka IT-BT firms may deploy 50% staff after April 20


Bengaluru, April 17 (IANS) Karnataka-based Information Technology and Biotechnology (IT-BT) companies may resume work at offices deploying up to 50 per cent workforce after April 20 amid Covid lockdown, Deputy Chief Minister C. N. Ashwathnaraya said on Friday.

“Up to 50 per cent of the IT-BT workforce will have the opportunity to function from their office premises after April 20,” said Ashwathnarayana after a virtual meeting with industry heads.

He said the government is arranging passes, public transportation, Covid screening facilities, internet and others in the work resumption efforts.

Despite the plans to resume work, Ashwathnarayana pointed out that some companies expressed concerns on how to handle a scenario when a techie is diagnosed with the virus after resuming work, soliciting guidelines for such and exigency.

“They (companies) have been promised that appropriate guidelines would be provided in consultation with the Department of Health and Family Welfare,” he said.

The Deputy Chief Minister, however, has highlighted that the risk of infection rises as soon as restrictions are relaxed.

“Precautions were taken and early efforts were made to prevent infections. But we will have to learn to live in precaution against corona in the coming days,” he observed.

Meanwhile, the IT-BT companies agreed to maintain cleanliness, social distancing and Covid screening facilities at their premises.

Former Infosys Chief Executive Kris Gopalakrishnana and Biocon Chairperson Kiran Mazumdar Shaw were among the executives who participated in the virtual conference. Eom/232 words



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