Kejriwal promises to visit Gujarat every week, raise people’s issues


Ahmedabad: Kejriwal promises to visit Gujarat every week, raise people’s issues. Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo Arvind Kejriwal on Monday promises that he will visit Gujarat every week and raise people’s issues related to education, power, health sector and agriculture, among others.

Addressing a gathering at the Bijli Samvad, Kejriwal slammed the BJP leaders who are opposing free power for the people of Gujarat.

“One BJP leader is saying Gujaratis don’t want free services. I fail to understand such leaders. As MLAs, MPs and ministers, they all get free power, but when we promise to offer the same to the people, they are against it.”

The AAP leader added, “Do you know why BJP leaders are against providing free electricity to the common man? Because if they get free power, whom will they loot?”

Kejriwal also expressed surprise over farmers being provided electricity for farming only during night hours, and that too for six to seven hours with interruptions.

“If the farmers have to work at night, when will they rest and how will they mange their lives? Let the bureaucracy in Gandhinagar work in night hours, then only they will realise farmers’ problems,” Kejriwal said.

He also promised people that if AAP comes to power in Gujarat, it will give free power to the consumers up to 200 units per billing cycle.

He reiterated that AAP is not contesting the elections in Gujarat to sit on the opposition bench, but to be in power.



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