After PUBG, look out for ‘skull breaker challenge’


New Delhi: A new killer game ‘skull-breaker challenge’ has surfaced on the Internet, that could prove worse than PUBG or the Blue Whale game. Netizens are horrified.

The challenge requires three participants standing side by side with two of them knocking the third off balance while they jump together in the air.

A Twitter user shared one of the videos of the challenge with the caption, “The #skullbreakerchallenge which is currently trending on #tiktok is fatal. Please pay attention to our kids.”

According to various news reports from around the globe, the skull breaker challenge could be the most dangerous so far.

As the video went viral, social media has been abuzz with reactions.

In order to raise awareness against the viral trend, users shared videos of the challenge.

Another wrote, “This looks like a suicidal game. Wonder, how these kinds of madness gain popularity among the youth, as if there are no other good games to play.”

A post read, “It is unbelievable how stupid and dangerous this #skullbreaker challenge trending on #TikTok. As parents, and physicians who see the end result of actions like this, we need to raise awareness and stop it now.”

A user wrote, “If no brain in the skull, then destroying it.”

“Skullbreaker Challenge is trending I urge you all to show your children and parents and teach them this is really dangerous. It can break a skull and can cause some serious problem” a user remarked.

Feb 18 (IANS)


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