I am an insomniac, says Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai: Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor says he is an insomniac and feels it is a major issue today.
“The film ‘Shandaar’ has this angle about insomniacs and in real life people are still discovering insomnia. There is no film be it in Hindi or English ever made on this. In the film a girl and boy, who have insomnia, are meeting because of that, they are spending time together, talking… Having good moments,” Shahid told reporters here at the promotional event of “Shaandaar” last night.

“May be four-five years back people wouldn’t know what is insomnia but today it is a major issue. I am an insomniac person. I have friends who are insomniacs so we hang out together. We work so much throughout the day that it takes time for us to feel sleepy. I think it is a cool idea to depict the issue (in the film),” he said.

The makers also have come up with a song “Neend Na Mujhko Aaye” whose theme is insomnia.

“Vikas wanted to tell about insomnia to people. He came up with this song and this goes with insomnia,” Shahid said.

Director Vikas Bahl has dealt with insomnia in different way in his film.

“Our approach towards insomnia in the film is different, the character of Shahid is scared of ghost while Alia’s character thinks night is the best time,” the “Queen” director said.

“Neend Na Mujhko Aaye” — a rendition of Asha Bhosle’s age-old classic is picturised on Alia and Shahid who play insomniacs in “Shaandaar”. The song was launched at a coffee shop at midnight.

“We have given the 60s song the touch of 20s. It is one of the old songs that talks about insomnia so we thought why recreate a new song, take something that is nostalgic and beautiful and recreate it for Shahid and Alia,” Vikas said.

When asked what does Shahid do when he is awake, he says, “I like going on a drive when I don’t feel sleepy as that time traffic is less. I listen to songs or watch films. It is that time you do things that you want to do may be secretly.”

The “Haider” star revealed his soon to be released film “Shaandaar” was shot in 52 days and out of which 35 days they were shooting in the night.

“It is not a dark film, it is a happy film,” he quipped.

Vikas Bahl directed “Shaandaar”, also starring Alia Bhatt, Pankaj Kapur, Sanah Kapoor and others is set to release on October 22.



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