Here’s how birth of a ‘baby girl’ can be a boon for you – Read


Pune: In an incredible move, a hospital in Hadapsar area here, not only distributes sweets but also celebrates in a very unique manner every time a baby girl is born in their maternity ward.
With every little ones’ first cry comes a man banging a steel plate with a stick and ward boys and nurses running on the street offering “congratulations” and sweets to people.

But the real catch of the story is, the little angel brings along with her a big fortune not only for her but also for the family.

In a bid to prevent female foeticide, this private hospital has been waiving off the entire maternity charges whenever a girl child is born.

Dr Ganesh Rak runs this general and maternity hospital.

“We provide all women free delivery, whether normal or complicated, and post-delivery care – for every girl child born here, since 2007. Till date, we have supervised the birth of around 270 females here,” IANS quoted this proud 39-year-old doctor as saying.

Terming it as his “solitary campaign (in India) to prevent female foeticide and empower women right from birth by fighting gender bias and prejudices”, Rakh said the hospital gives such free deliveries despite incurring a loss of an average of Rs.10,000 for a normal delivery and around Rs 25,000 for complicated cases requiring surgery.

Notably, when doctor Rak started the hospital in 2007, after begging for loans from friends and relatives, most people, including his family members, ridiculed his plans.


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