Global Construction Chemical Market Outlook to 2020: Ken Research



• Share of flooring, repair and rehabilitation, adhesive, sealants, and grouts is expected to increase in transition economies of South Korea, Australia China and others in future as repair and maintenance of newly created infrastructure ages and new methods of construction are adopted.
• Customer willingness to pay premium for quality products will help in market consolidation and will attract leading global players in emerging economies where market is dominated by local players who generally manufacture traditional construction chemicals.
• Government keen interest to sustain the economic growth will lead to investment in construction sector. This will create growth opportunities for construction chemical market in the respective countries.

(Concrete admixture, waterproofing, flooring, repair and rehabilitation and others), sub segmentation by chemistry of construction chemical. The report also covers global industry trends, developments, challenges and restraints. The report clearly highlights the major drivers and challenges in construction chemical market across different geographies. The report also highlights the company profile of major construction chemical companies including the product launch, recent developments, business strategies, product portfolio and others. The report also covers the detailed country profile of India, China and Germany construction chemical market. The report concludes with future projections of overall global construction chemical market and analyst recommendations.
In 2015, market for construction chemical was dominated by both foreign and domestic players in emerging economies. In developed economies, domestic companies lead the market. Most of the major companies in construction chemical are from Western Europe or the US. Sales and distribution of construction chemical was mainly from direct project based sale. Sale in retail sector was done through building merchants. Demand for construction chemical was highest from Asia Pacific region. Massive construction investment plans envisaged by governments was major growth driver for demand of construction in the period.
With increasing concern for global environment, there was an excessive pressure on companies to comply with sustainable environment manufacturing capabilities. Products were also required to comply with environmental regulation as well as with health standards to ensure that hazardous content of the chemical is reduced to minimum. Sika launched I-cure technology to provide environment friendly adhesives and sealants. Most companies go beyond minimum compliance to improve their goodwill and also show their commitment to protect the environment for the benefit of all. Huge investments were made in R&D to improve the products both from quality and environment sustainability point of view. R&D investment by major construction chemicals was reported at 3.0%-5.0% of their annual turnover. It also gives many developed countries an opportunity to ban import of construction chemical from countries which try to become cost competitive by showing little or no concern for environment thus protecting domestic manufacturing units.
Companies operating in the construction chemical space always attempt to locally purchase the raw material which are required for the manufacturing of final products. However, constraints on availability of these raw materials economically in area of production have been a major deterrent for their growth. Import of these material expose the company to currency fluctuation as well as adds to transportation cost and time. BASF uses Verbund principle where wastage and output of one industry act as raw material for other industry. It helps to prevent and reduce wastage as well as to cut on emissions.
Growth in demand for construction chemical will be supported by government investment in developing infrastructure like bridges, metros, airports and other primary infrastructure. Real estate development especially in cities will further increase the growth in demand for construction chemical. Increase in demand for rental and energy efficient real estate will further augment the demand of certain specific construction chemical which is still under development in many emerging and transition market.


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