Give your House a Bespoke Makeover with Stefano Ricci Bespoke interiors.


With the New Year embracing us with new beginnings give your home a new makeover this year with Stefano Ricci’s bespoke interior collection.
Stefano Ricci’s Bespoke interior collection of the Florentine Fashion house presents a HOME collection that is characterized by exclusive floral designs inspired by Sandro Botticelli and lapis lazuli hues.

Treat your house with panache, style and class this year with interiors that transmute porcelain into a triumph of colours that dialogue with hand-painted gold trims.

STEFANO RICCI’s Bespoke Interiors are rich in harmonious suggestions focused on the desire to offer coordinated products made entirely by the expert hands of Florentine artisans giving your house the perfect Italian touch with loads of love and warmth.
Without any compromise, its interior design services are a true representation of the exceptional details with the best of Italian manufacturing and design. To embellish the most elite private residences these unique proposals feature luxurious pieces from the SR HOME Collection and precious fabrics of the historical silk mill, the Antico Setificio Fiorentino.
The luxurious interiors reflect the richness of the brand’s Florentine heritage through precious materials imported directly from Italy. Hand polished briar-root furniture with exclusive crocodile skin, sophisticated lighting fixtures and hand engraved glass doors are the signature elements of Stefano Ricci Homes.

STEFANO RICCI HOME looks to the future and brings innovative colours to the ancient skills of authentic Florentine craftsmanship also through the use of the favourite colour of kings: the Lapis Lazuli decoration features a modern impact with its blue colour, marbling and gold details. The service is made of the finest porcelain in the Classic form.

Start afresh this 2017 with Stefano Ricci and give your house the royal makeover.


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