For some Indians everything is a ‘tamasha’: Chandigarh watches in silence as elderly couple gets thrashed – Video


Chandigarh: It can happen to anyone, it can happen to your parents! An elderly couple were mercilessly beaten up by a man – supposedly their neighbour – in a busy market in Chandigarh and not one, yes not one of the so called ‘man’, standing in the crowd, could muster enough courage to intervene and save them.

The incident happened in the busy Sector 18 market where the elderly couple have a mobile phone shop. Their neighbour Rajeev, reportedly in a state of drunkenness, came to their shop and started to abuse the lady while accusing her of speaking ill of his mother.

It was not before long that he lost his cool and exerted his manly strength to slap and punch her. The lady has lost a tooth in the assault. Not satisfied with just that he then turned to beat up her elderly husband.

While Rajeev’s act is shocking enough and points to the general degradation of the moral fabric of the society, what was more shocking was none from those who were watching the tragic scene thought of helping the couple.

It was a ‘tamasha’ for them but unknown to them such a ‘tamasha’ could one day be played out with their own mother in the lead.


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