Fire balls from the sky


-Sreenivas R Chirayath: Fireballs from the sky. It was a Saturday evening, fast turning into night, in September 2003. Many people in Kendrapara district of Orissa witnessed a huge fireball coming towards earth’, from the sky and all of them got frightened, naturally. Not only in Kendrapara, but people in certain other places namely, Kaptipara, Mayurbhanj, Jagsingpur, Jaypur, Cuttack, Puri, Khurda, Nayagad, Amool, Bhadrak, Balasore,e, etc saw fireballs falling with defeating breaking noise too! As a result of this, so many houses were also destroyed, many people got burnt and some succumbed too!
People wondered as it was extremely bright outside, more than that of the Sun in the noontime, as against that it should have been dark by that time!
Then only they realized the huge fireballs were fast approaching the earth! Pieces of the fireballs began falling over houses! As the fireballs were fast approaching, the atmosphere became entirely abnormal hence people were totally at unease! Pregnant cattle delivered, immaturely! Everywhere the topic was on the phenomenic fireballs from the air as the entire atmosphere became extremely different from normal! This (un)natural incident was officially reported from the CM’s office and rescue operations followed; for the State Capital Bhubaneswar too experienced it.
Nobody was able to understand, wh

at was the problem and where did it originate from!
This phenomenon impacted the weather in the coastal regions of both Orissa and Bengal!
Teams of officials searched for the debris of the falling ‘Ulka’ pieces, wherever houses and other structures burnt due to that, but in vain! It was totally a strange phenomenon!
Later, NASA reported that it could only be the ‘Lukas’ that used to fall from the sky, over various regions of our planet earth.
People who witnessed it said, ‘those fireballs had orange color first and later became blue. Some observers felt it as those Ulkas were attracted by the gravity of the earth.
Also the ‘Smithsonian Institute of Austria Physical Organization’ does research etc on such phenomena; as reports, about the falling of meteorite debris/fireballs/UFO kind of material in different parts of our planet earth, have been spreading all over the world, since long.
But these research institutes were not able to diagnose those Orissa ones; hence this particular incident remains strange, still!
Who knows, whether it’s all part of the supposed to be explorations by intelligent living beings from other liveable planets, to know about our Earth as we do the same?
Most of the occupants of the earth believed, so far, that the only planet with living beings, is ours and hence we are the most intelligent in the entire Universe!
But by now, NASA has been revealing from its space explorations, that there are many more liveable planets, even much larger than ours, in the Universe and certain ones among them are with living beings, who could be as intelligent as their counterparts over here, or even more than that!
Thumps up to NASA, once again, for their explorations, outer space, for the probable future asylum, in case humans’ destructive development ideas make them desert Mother Earth ultimately!


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