Vishal on composing with Nishawn Bhullar: It’s refreshing to work with new talent


Mumbai, July 4 (IANS) Music composer and singer Vishal Mishra’s latest composition “Zyada Vadia” brings forth his maiden collaboration with singer Nishawn Bhullar. Vishal says working with new people is always a good experience.

“Zyada Vadia” is a Punjabi track and has been penned by Babbu. The video for the song, directed by Bideowale Frame Singh, features Himanshi Khurana, Jass Bajwa and Nishawn.

Talking about collaborating with Nishawn, Vishal says: “Everyone has one such unfinished love story. We have tried to word those feelings, and Nishawn makes it sound so beautiful in his voice. It’s refreshing to work with new talent. There’s so much room to experiment.”

Further talking about the song which released on Thursday, Vishal says: “Love is an emotion that touches our lives in so many ways. This song uniquely depicts one’s brush with romance.”

Nishawn, who has earlier been part of many well known Punjabi tracks, says: “It’s an universal sentiment and yet something so personal. So many of us have been in that space where we have loved someone when we were in college, drifted apart with time, only to see them married to someone else. Life moves us on but not entirely. That’s what we have essentially tried to capture in the video, and through the lyrics and composition.”


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