Vikas Dubey film not permitted to be shot in Kanpur


Kanpur: Vikas Dubey film not permitted to be shot in Kanpur. Neeraj Singh, one of the directors of the upcoming film based on the life of late gangster Vikas Dubey of Kanpur, says they were not given permission to shoot in the city.

Titled “Bikroo Kanpur Gangster”, the film is co-directed by Singh and Shraddha Srivastava and stars actor Nimai Bali in the lead role.

“We have shot the film in Agra and Mathura. We also went to Kanpur to shoot but did not get permission. They said it is controversial content, so won’t allow it. Conflicts could arise Kanpur being Vikas Dubey’s place. That’s the reason we decided to shoot elsewhere,” Neeraj Singh informed.

“We have also got threats to call from some unknown person, but I can’t make out whether it was a joke or the gangster’s goons. I can’t say, but we did receive the calls. However, we could complete the shoot with our producers’ help,” he added.



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