Russell Brand’s wife finds his energy levels exhausting


Los Angeles: Russell Brand’s wife finds his energy levels exhausting. Laura Brand, the wife of comedian Russell Brand, says she sometimes feels she has three children instead of two thanks to the energy levels of her husband.

Russell, who has previously battled addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex, has two children with Laura — Mabel and Peggy.
Talking about if she sometimes feels like she has three children rather than just two, Laura said: “Oh yes, certainly. I have to say sometimes, ‘Could you all just calm down?’ It’s a lot but also Russell’s energy is unbelievable. In a way, it’s fantastic because he’s so playful and involved.

“He and Mabel have a very close bond. They tell each other stories and have whole storylines that play out with different voices and characters. He can go all day at that whereas if I did a minute of it I’d be exhausted,” said Laura, according to a report.

Laura said that serious subjects can’t hold her attention in the same way they can for Russell, who is also an author and political activist.

“Russell would be the first person to say I’m not somebody who is interested in watching a long-winded analysis of something. If I see him reading a long article and looking serious, then I go and ask him about it. He had Wim Hof (a Dutch extreme athlete who has developed a breathing technique to help him withstand freezing temperatures) on his podcast recently and he tried to make me do one of his breathing exercises. I gave up within three minutes,” said Laura.



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