Manav Kaul: Title of the film ‘Nail Polish’ is very relevant


Mumbai, Dec 31 (IANS) Actor Manav Kaul was intrigued by the title of his upcoming movie, Nail Polish, right from the start, and says the audience will understand the real reason behind the name only after they watch the film.

“I was very intrigued when the director told me the name of the film, but as he went on to narrate the film I realised why it made sense. So unless you see the film you won’t get it, but trust me nothing else would have been more relevant,” Manav said.

Directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna, the film revolves around the killing of migrant children and the mystery behind it.

Giving indirect hints about the mystery, the actor added: “I can’t really talk much without giving away spoilers but there are a lot of hints in the trailer. If you concentrate on each and every word that is said, you will get a gist of what it is all about.”

The courtroom drama also stars Rajit Kapur and Anand Tiwari. “Nail Polish” will stream on Zee5 from January 1.



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