‘Bigg Boss 8’: No eviction this week!


Mumbai: Salman Khan built suspense on the eviction for this week, but eventually announced that none will get evicted. The voting lines were closed and so the Bollywood hunk tried to make the inmates nervous by asking them to vote out one person from the house.

Puneet Issar, Ali Quli Mirza, Sonali Raut, Diandra Soares, Dimpy Mahajan and Karishma Tanna were nominated this week for eviction. The inmates collectively decided to save Karishma, Ali and Diandra.

One among the remaining three was asked to be voted out of the house. Puneet got maximum votes. But there was a twist in the tale. None of the contestants were evicted this week.

The P3G gang- Puneet, Praneet, Pritam and Gautam- is no longer a cohesive unit. Praneet and Pritam feel that Puneet is being partial towards his favourite Gautam.


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