Aziz Ansari: I’ve stopped using the internet


Los Angeles, Jan 28 (IANS) Indian-American star Aziz Ansari has revealed he’s totally disconnected himself from the internet and stopped using email four years ago.

He shared: “However many years ago, I kind of started turning off the internet and, you know, I deleted all social media and all this stuff, and I’ve slowly just kept going further and further. I stopped using email maybe like four years ago.”

Aziz described his decision to disconnect from social media and e-mail as a “mental diet”, reports

He told Kevin Hart on Sirius XM’s ‘Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart’: “It all kind of … it’s almost like I kind of started thinking about, you know, everyone thinks about their diet and what they eat – at a certain point, it’s also about thinking about your mental diet and what you’re putting in your head.

“Whether it’s like, oh, looking at the same four websites, constantly checking The New York Times 50 times a day. At a certain point, yeah, that’s not really helping.”

Despite this, Aziz acknowledges that a lot of people don’t have the option of quitting social media or email.

The comedy star knows that he lives a privileged lifestyle as a celebrity.

Aziz – who played Tom Haverford in ‘Parks and Recreation’ – said: “I mean, look, I know all this stuff is like, oh yeah, I’m in a position where I can do that and have, you know, whatever certain privileges to be able to pull it off.

“An assistant or whatever – but all that stuff I do I think helps me get more done, kinda taking care of stuff or whatever, whether it’s working out or meditating and all that kind of stuff.”


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