SpiceJet to pay part salaries to 92% of employees, no job cuts


New Delhi, April 30 (IANS) Budget passenger carrier SpiceJet on Thursday said that it will pay part salaries to over 92 per cent of its employees and t hat there will be no job cuts at the airline.

“In these extremely challenging times when no passenger flights have opera ted for over a month resulting in our primary revenue source drying up completely, SpiceJet has decided that there would be no job cuts at the airline at this time,” the airline said in a statement.

“While a number of airlines the world over have been forced to retrench employees and withhold salaries, SpiceJet with its limited cargo operations during the lockdown period, will pay part salaries to over 92 per cent of its employees.”

As per the statement, it has devised a structure whereby all employees will be paid according to the work hours contributed while maintaining basic th resholds.

“The salaries would be credited on May 1,” the statement said.

“These are temporary measures during these demanding times and we will consider reverting back to our basic structure upon restart of operations and return to normalcy and shall also be considering suitable allowances for our o perating crew who stand together with us amid uncertainty until we restart.”

Just a day earlier, the budget passenger carrier had informed its pilots that they will not be paid April and May salaries, barring the ones who have b een flying cargo flights. In an email to the airline’s pilots, Captain Gurcharan Arora, Chief of Flight Operations, said: “We will not be getting any salary for April and May 2020. Those of us who have been flying cargo, will get paid for the block hou rs flown.”

“As the country shows a healthy and promising flattening of the ‘covid cur ve’, we are geared up and ready to appropriately increase our flights in harmony with the gradual lifting of flight restrictions by the government,” he had said in the email.



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