An adaptation of James Dashner’s bestselling books of the same name, this sequel to the Maze Runner is back with its thrilling sequel Maze Runner: The Scorch Trails. The film will be premiering on Indian television for the first time on October 23rd a 1pm and 9pm on Star Movies. The film details the story of a group of teens who after escaping the maze are now looking for the reasons behind their imprisonment in the maze. Now free, the teenagers are confronted by the breakdown of society as they begin to understand the world around them while handling the harsh obstacle on the ‘Scorch’, a pitiless desert.

The film stars a number of big stars with Dylan O’Brien playing the lead as Thomas in the film. While talking about what dangers the sequel presents to Thomas and the Gladers, Dylan in an interview commented,” The Scorch provides plenty of dangers that we can’t really expect. What’s amazing about the second movie is that we’ve only experienced these kids trapped in one place for so long. The maze was hard and treacherous of itself but now they don’t even know what’s coming. They at least know they are in a contained environment in the first film and know that the Grievers are there and the maze is there and anything that comes with it. But here everything is new to them and everyone is kind of greenie in the Scorch”
English actress Kaya Scodelario who plays the role of Teresa shared what her characters’ biggest challenges besides surviving the Scorch were. She said, “I think her biggest challenge is trying to forge her own separate opinion. These guys are so close and have been on this journey the whole time together that they can’t help but be in a group. I think she is starting to experience life apart from them and she’s trying to work out what that means and how to be brave enough to trust her own instincts.”

With more thriller and exciting new things to come in the film, don’t miss Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials on October 23rd at 1pm and 9pm~


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