Divya Dutta wanted to be like Mr Bachchan as a child


Mumbai: Divya Dutta wanted to be like Mr. Bachchan as a child. Actress Divya Dutta wanted to be like Amitabh Bachchan as a child. Divya Dutta wanted to be like Mr. Bachchan as a child.”Ever since I can remember, I would dance on ‘Khaike paan Banaras Wala’! I would dance on all the Amitabh Bachchan dance numbers and entertain everyone around me. My mother was a doctor. Whenever she brought over friends home, I would go to them and say ‘I want to show you a dance’, and become the center of attraction. The aunties would clap, laugh, and give me gulab jamun! I would dress like Mr. Bachchan, wrap mumma’s dupatta around my head as Mr. Bachchan did in many films,” Divya recalled, speaking to IANS.

“I think I used to like the reactions I would get from everyone as a child. I wanted to be like Mr. Bachchan! In my class, I was the most popular child. Mumma is a Doctor, and education was always the most important thing in our childhood. I managed both, happily. I represented India in Japan for Red Cross, for acting and dance, and I was there on a student exchange program for a month. I used to get scholarships, too. Since I was a good student, everyone thought all the dancing, acting, and drama was just by the way!” shared the actress.

Divya recalls how the influence of cinema became stronger as she grew up. “I was a movie buff as I was growing up. I would not only watch films but also read up all the film magazines. One afternoon, I filled up a form for a talent hunt show that appeared in a magazine. I got selected, so I had to tell my mother, my brother — mera Chhota a Bhai. I clicked some weird pictures and we sent it. I got selected for the final round and I had to travel to Mumbai. My mother asked, ‘the search me actor banana hai (do you really want to be an actor)?’ because, as I mentioned, I was a student who used to get scholarship. I replied that I wanted to try to find that. My mother stood by me and said, ‘even if you fail, it is ok. I am with you, do not be afraid’. I think every girl needs that assurance to fly,” replied Divya, who won a National Award for her role in the 2017 release, “Irada”.



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