Digital India – Neoteric Partners with Fracktal Works to support New age entrepreneurs. Works to support New age entrepreneurs


asil(1)A group of young and enthusiastic engineering students from Manipal Institute of Technology, dreamt to start their own 3D printer manufacturing company about 2 years ago. Today, they are leading a full-fledged organization, Fracktal Works, which has introduced high quality 3D printing machines in India.

Fracktal Works was founded by Rohit Asil and his classmate Vijay Raghav who completed their engineering in instrumentation and control from Manipal Institute of Technology.

Rohit Asil, a software programmer and a design specialist, currently looks after the planning & strategy, sales, marketing and branding, customer engagement and team building at Fracktal.

His journey to lead Fracktal took roots during his college days, when he used to participate in robotics competition along with his team. This gave an opportunity for their group in developing industrial robots, including brainwave controlled devices which were almost controlled by thoughts, an idea which was recognized by industries and also won him a prize money of Rs 5 lakh.

Rohit conceived the idea of 3D printing, when he was visiting IIT Mumbai in 2012, after which he soon created his own model of a 3D printer. After a few rounds of consecutive experimentations he developed the first model, which he patiently improved upon later. After 2 years, he finally succeeded and built his first robust industry-grade working models, Julia and Snowflake, which are making a great headway in the market.

The efforts put forth by Rohit and his team catalysed Fracktal’s development such that it caught the attention and support from Neoteric Infomatique, a Mumbai based value-added IT distributor, founded by Paras Shah, CEO, Neoteric. Neoteric entered into a strategic partnership with Fracktal Works and is currently distributing their 3D printer in India.

Mr. Paras Shah said “To take India forward we are in sync with our country’s venture towards ‘Digital India’, for this we need to support young and talented entrepreneurs and Neoteric will play vital role in this age of transformation”.

“3D Printing is a great tool to quickly develop prototypes of products for various applications both for commercial and personal uses. A 3D printer generally consists of the 3D mesh of the product, which is created in a 3D software and with G-code it is sliced and fed to the 3D printer to bring the 3D graphic work into a live model,” says Rohit, who has created several models for verticals like automobile, medical, jewellery and lifestyle. He further adds that any manufacturing organization with their in-house design teams, can use 3D printers and quickly create prototypes.

The best part of the 3D printers introduced by Fracktal Works is their affordable price, which effectively ranges between $1500- $3000.

Today, Fracktal Works under Rohit’s leadership strives to deliver product design and development based on key elements such as quality, affordability and aesthetics, which the company uses as its core principle to build unique products.


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