Delhi Police Commissioner launches blistering attack on Kejriwal


Bassi also disputed AAP’s logic that the Himmat app launched by the Delhi Police was a failure saying that out of the 4000 cases registered only 13 were actionable complains, the rest were women testing out whether the app was functioning or not. Bassi accused Kejriwal of misreading the data.
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Bassi also said that the Kejriwal should first try to do what is in the power of the Delhi government, like setting up creche for young mothers so that they don’t have to leave their toddlers all alone at home. In one of the two recent gangrapes, the mother had left the child at home and gone to work because there was no creche nearby.
Bassi advised Kejriwal to focus on self defence training for young girls and on improving social awareness of young boys instead of clamouring for control of Delhi Police. Bassi said that he wasn’t scared of the CM’s threat of giving sleepless nights to Modi, saying officials of Delhi Police go sleepless so that the citizens can sleep in peace.
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Bassi said it was wrong of the CM to say that rape cases were rising in the capital. He said numbers were going up because the cops were registering all cases and more women were coming forward to report rape unlike earlier.


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