Damini McNaught, who honey trapped IAF personnel Ranjith KK, a fidayeen from PoK?


New Delhi: Damini McNaught, whose name has surfaced in the honey trapping of Indian Air Force (IAF) personnel Ranjith KK, could be a suicide bomber from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), a report claimed on Thursday.

IAF airman Ranjith KK, who has been sacked by the Air Force and is under custody, had been talking to “pretty woman” Damini McNaught for the last several months on social network Facebook.

The Facebook talk between Ranjith and Damini had even turned dirty and mostly focussed on sex, The Times of India reported.

“Damini McNaught” was a fake Facebook profile created to honeytrap Indian defence officials.

Damini had portrayed herself as an executive of a Britain-based magazine to the arrested IAF man.

The woman had told Ranjith that the magazine wanted some information about the Indian Air Force, and promised pecuniary benefits in exchange.

As per the daily, intelligence agencies believe Damini is a woman fidayeen working for a Jammu and Kashmir-based terror group.

The daily did not name the outfit but said it is headquartered in Muzaffarabad in PoK.

Ranjith, who was arrested this week for spying for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, has admitted to having passed on classified information about IAF and its activities, including details of Operation Inderdhanush – a joint military exercise between India and the UK.

Ranjith, who had joined the IAF in 2010, also admitted to having passed on Air Force related information pertaining to movement of aircraft and deployment of various units in the IAF.

According to police, Ranjith in return had received monetary benefit in his bank account.

As per investigations, Ranjith was “befooled by cross-border spies and had received a few VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls on his mobile numbers in which the … female with British accent introduced herself as Damini McNaught”.

“She interviewed Ranjith and then assigned him the task of getting the information. She deceived him by saying that the information will be published.”

Ranjith is the sixth person to be arrested by Delhi Police for being part of an espionage racket backed by ISI.

Five other people, including a serving and a former Army personnel and a serving BSF personnel, were arrested earlier this month.


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