Clinton or Trump: Americans cannot decide who to choose


New York: A lot of voters are having trouble deciding who to vote for as nearly one in five voters nationwide report themselves as undecided or flirting with third-party candidates, a media report said.

Those who remain uncertain include a couple of groups that may play an outsized role in determining the election’s outcome — young voters, many of whom loathe Trump but lack enthusiasm for Clinton, and college-educated suburban Republicans, who often find Trump scary but struggle with the idea of voting for a Democrat, Los Angeles Times reported.

According to the report, people do not find either of them genuine. Some are saying that they will know who to vote when they go to the polls.

The large number of voters in that position probably won’t change until at least after the first presidential debate scheduled for September 26.

In a recent poll from the nonpartisan Pew Research Centre, about one in four voters said they were undecided or did not know when asked to choose between Clinton and Trump.

In a four-way contest, 10 per cent chose Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and four per cent Green Party candidate Jill Stein, while the rest remained unsure, Pew found.

Data from Pew and from SurveyMonkey, show younger voters much less certain of their vote than their elders.

Only about four in 10 are sure of their candidate choice and certain to vote, according to the Daybreak poll. Among that absolutely certain group, Trump leads 51 per cent to 45 per cent, the poll found.

“But broaden the lens to take in the nearly two-thirds of poll respondents who say they are at least fairly certain of their vote and their likelihood of casting a ballot and the picture flips, with Clinton holding a 48 per cent-42 per cent lead,” the poll found.

Overall, the Daybreak poll shows the two locked in a dead heat.


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