CISOs Can Easily Track, Measure and Report on Improvements in Cybersecurity Risk-Reduction With Interactive, Visual Dashboards


New Delhi: Skybox® Security, a global leader in cybersecurity analytics, has announced new product features available in the Skybox® Security Suite that give security teams the ability to easily track, measure and report on progress made in reducing and managing the attack surface (all the ways in which an organization’s IT systems are vulnerable to threats). The company also announced new capabilities for the Suite that enable security operations to automatically manage and track firewall change requests end to end, including: intelligent, proactive risk assessment of proposed changes; automated provisioning of changes; and validation that changes are implemented as intended.

Skybox® Horizon, the company’s award-winning attack surface visualization solution for the Skybox Security Suite, features new capabilities that give security leaders insight to how their organization’s security posture is improving or diminishing over time. Users can focus on specific sites within their attack surface (geographic locations, business units, etc.) and compare current risk levels with levels in the past. Full trend graphs are also available to show progress on mitigating indicators of exposure (IOEs) over time, including new, exposed or concentrations of vulnerabilities, unsecure device configurations and risky access rules.

“With its visual representations, Horizon has the unprecedented capability of showing at a glance what impact security efforts are having on an organization’s security state,” said VP of Products Ravid Circus. “Whether you’re tracking against strategic security goals or needing to meet strict compliance regulations, IOE history and trend data is a way to bring diverse, complicated metrics into a quickly digestible format.”

Circus predicts this feature will be particularly helpful to organizations preparing for new and upcoming regulations, such as the E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect May 2018.

In addition to enhancements for Horizon, Skybox has bolstered the workflow of Skybox® Change Manager with automatic change implementation. After Change Manager runs a context-aware risk assessment of a proposed change, security operations can approve the request and automatically push the change to the staged policy. Change Manager also verifies that all changes are implemented in line with the initial request and provides a full audit trail.

“Most change management processes are complex, manual and error prone,” said Circus, “but with the Skybox workflow, those processes are streamlined. Changes are quickly assessed to see if they create network security gaps, expose vulnerabilities or violate security policies. Users, therefore, can be sure the automated provisioning won’t compound or create new security problems. This gives our customers more than an 80-percent reduction in time savings, freeing up their teams to focus on strategic tasks.”
Currently, Skybox offers automated change implementation for Check Point firewalls. The feature will be available for further firewall and security device vendors in the coming months.


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