Cisco Visual Networking Index Predicts Internet Traffic in India by 2020 to be 249x the volume of the entire Indian Internet in 2005 Inbox x


Cisco began its VNI thought leadership project in 2006 and has now become a highly regarded measure of the Internet’s growth. The 11th VNI report focuses on the key internet highlights of India. The report states that the IP traffic in India will grow 4-fold in 2020, with video being the main trigger and almost 69% of all networked devices will be mobile-connected in 2020. In India, smartphones will account for 37% (702.1 million) of all networked devices in 2020, compared to 18% (239.4 million) in 2015.

It also states that the average mobile connection speed will grow 3-fold from 2015 to 2020, reaching 3 Mbps in 2020. The report mentions that the demand for higher video resolutions‚ more bandwidth and processing speed will increase the use of internet to 6 fold in 2020 with a growth of 45%. Another growth area will be in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication‚ which is expected to grow 12-fold ‚ accounting to 63% in mobile data traffic.

Globally, total public Wi-Fi hotspots (including home spots) will grow 7X from 2015 (64 million) to 2020 (432 million) and home spots will grow from 57 million (2015) to 423 million (2020). People will have 26.3 billion networked devices by 2020 and globally smartphones will account to 21% (5.6 billion) of all networked devices compared to 19% (3.0 billion) in 2015


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