Bonita launches an unparalleled collection of Stainless Steel Cookware products in multiple ranges



New Delhi: Vowing to transform the Kitchens across India, India’s leading home utility brand, Bonita, has recently launched the most unique & innovative Stainless Steel products in multiple ranges. A promise of not just style & convenience but also of good health – Bonita appears resolute in determination to make your world beautiful.

With the ever-advancing technology enabling knowledge at one’s palm, people worldwide are able to go for the best options for their progressive lifestyles. People are now completely aware of the pros & cons of a particular product by themselves & somewhere this is what has now gradually resulted in a shift from the Aluminum, Copper etc. Kitchenware (utensils & cookware) towards Stainless steel products. The reason simply being that Stainless steel is the most stable/ least reactive material of all which safeguards the food being cooked/ heated in them.

This festive season, Bonita offers its consumers an expansive collection of Stainless steel cookware in multiple ranges & sizes – Hearty cookware range (High-quality Stainless steel), PanAppetit cookware range (High-quality Stainless steel with Encapsulated Bottom) & PanTastic cookware range (High-quality Stainless steel in Triply construction).These cookware products are compatible with all the heating sources – gas, hotplate& induction. Clubbing with the benefits galore, these products come with immense aesthetic value with their attractive handle colors & elegant looks. These come with Silicone handles which provide the most comfortable grip for the best cooking experience. Also, the handles & knobs in beautiful colors can liven up any living space, uplifting the product from just a utilitarian purview to an immense aesthetic appeal thereby giving the consumers a pride of ownership.


Hearty cookware range offers its consumers a healthier choice for their family & loved ones, being made of high-quality stainless steel material. This new range not only brings reprieve to those worried about the health risks of using reactive Aluminium utensils but also makes a homemaker’s life more convenient, being more durable and easier to clean &maintain.

PanAppetit cookware range, with Encapsulated bottom – triple layered base wherein the outermost & innermost layers are made of stainless steel & the middle layer is made of Aluminum, are just what the consumers desire to match their culinary skills. The encapsulated bottom provides an astounding cooking experience with even & faster cooking along with eliminating the chances of hotspots & charring.

PanTastic cookware range, with a triple layered constitution (Triply), is made to match the premium lifestyle of its consumers which deserves only the best. It not only enables a faster & even cooking thereby saving energy but also eliminates any chances of hotspots & charring. The entire body being made in triple layers; the food is cooked precisely & properly taking the entire cooking experience to another level.

“Bonita has always tried to offer innovative solutions to the needs of Indian households. Our new stainless steel cookware range takes into account the customer’s health concerns. Get home this new range of utensils. It will not only make your kitchen sparkle; it will set at rest all your health worries. Cook in them and be sure that there are no harmful chemicals leaching into your food. They are health safe, good-looking, long-lasting and easy to maintain,” says Mr. Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Bonita India.

Bonita’s products are innovatively created to cater to a vast demographic and serve the needs of health, convenience, and style. The vast range of Bonita products includes beautifully designed laundry products — elegant ironing boards and mats, space saving wall dryers and functional and stylish cook and kitchenware and organizers, among many others.


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