Dublin, Ireland. Fitness champ alias INDIAN LION Paras Gupta raised India’s collar in Dublin. Paras has proved worth of the strength of Indian lion by winning Silver medal in Senior category in WFF-16 . 25-year-old Paras has become the youngest player to represent India at an International platform in senior category. Paras has lots of National Medals before this. World Fitness Federation (WFF) 2016 was organized at Dublin, Ireland this year on 6th November 2016, which was made a success by BSN company. Representatives from several countries amazed the Judges by their muscles. After passing through several strict norms, Paras succeeded to win the Silver medal in the competition. Meanwhile, China bagged the first position.

Paras was very excited on this occasion and thanked his fans and well-wishers for his victory. He said ‘I name this victory to my country. A sportsperson always wait for this occasion when he can make his country proud. I feel exalted that I got this opportunity.’

Meanwhile, Raj Mahajan, uncle of Silver medal winner and famous musician said ‘It feels really special when your son achieve anything good and this is a big achievement. Many congratulations and blessings to Paras on this victory. May God keep blessing him for more.’

One must know that Raj Mahajan’s name was in headlines as a probable contender of Big Boss. His name was already doing rounds in media and now this victory of Paras is once again going to become headlines. Uncle Girish Aryan Gupta also delightfully shared his feelings about his nephew’s victory. He said ‘Paras was always crazy and passionate about doing something no one has done earlier family. He was always busy in his own world. He was very lean and thin in childhood and people used to make fun of his appearance. These sarcastic comments stayed in his heart and such words always do wonders when taken positively. So, those day’s lean and thin Paras has now become a champion. His weakness has become his strength. I feel so proud that he is our son. I am so delighted by his victory that I am not finding suitable words to explain.’

Paras was the youngest participant in the senior category who won this title and silver medal. On his victory his 85-year-old philanthropist grandfather, Avinash Chand Gupta, said “from his childhood Paras showed that he will do something special. I am very happy to see what he has achieved today. I along with whole country feel very proud of Paras.”

Paras’s father Sunil Gupta told some interesting habit of Paras’s childhood. He said ‘In his childhood Paras used to stand in front of mirror for hours staring at himself making different poses. At that time, nobody has imagined that one day he will achieve something like this. It makes us feel proud when we are addressed parents of a son who made country’s name shine across the globe’.

Piyush Gupta (twin brother of Paras Gupta) was also very excited on his victory and said “I always saw him doing something different. In the childhood, I was more into studies while he was into body building and fitness. Though we have same appearance our habits are completely different. Today I feel like I have won and all his achievements are mine too. I am eagerly waiting for his return. He has made country proud, so need to do lots of preparations for his welcome. CHAMPION IS COMING!”

Whole country, family as well as fans are feeling proud of Paras’s victory. Such sons add to the pride of motherland. Paras’s home is continuously receiving phone call and congratulatory messages since the news of his victory has been out.


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