Black Beatles continue to stay on top for four weeks!



The popular rap ‘Black Beatles’ by Rae Sremmurd has been appreciated by many in the form of Mannequin Challenge online phenomenon ranging from Mitchelle Obama to Singer-songwriter Paul McCartney and also Taylor Swift. This idea of Mannequin Challenge has been carried in India too. Workplaces, College student groups and so on find it too cool to participate for such a challenge. Rae Sremmurd’s catchy Black Beatles has nailed the position 1 in the Billboard Hot 100 Charts since past four weeks holding The Weekend’s Starboy in the second position. The track has topped Billboard 100 (Nov16) featuring Gucci Mane and is likely to continue. Besides, all 18 songs from the album Starboy are on the singles chart this week and The Chainsmokers’ Closer has dropped down to three after dwelling at the top of the charts for 12 weeks.


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