Bigg Boss: Salman Khan changes dynamics of the show completely!


New Delhi: Superstar host Salman Khan has altered the art of hosting for sure.

Who deserves to win ‘Bigg Boss 9’?
Who deserves to win ‘Bigg Boss 9’?
The big daddy of reality shows, ‘Bigg Boss’ is going strong with its ninth season now and Salman has been a part of it for six years!

No matter what kind of personalities get inside the house, Salman has never failed to leave a memorable impression on their minds, with his mature approach towards basic human behaviour and conduct.

Well, its not that hard for him, as he remains what he truly is and supports what he believes in.

Talking about the latest season I.e ‘Bigg Boss’ 9, Salman has been a task master.

Lately, Salman poked Prince and questioned his tall claims about his commitment towards relationships vis-a-vis his decision to not let Kishwar win the ‘ticket to finale’ task.

Previously, he also reprimanded Kishwar for spitting in Rishabh Sinha’s glass of water, during a task and the TV actress couldn’t thank him enough for changing her approach towards people.

We seldom see active participation and life altering experiences in reality shows. Salman has indeed changed the dynamics.

Salman undoubtedly has made an irreplaceable place in the hearts of fans and many celebrities.

Can we imagine anyone else hosting ‘Bigg Boss’? And the answer is ‘NO’.

Kudos to Salman’s ground holding and charming personality that has fetched him drums of love from all across.


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