Bigg Boss: Day 12 – Selfie task creates chaos; Kishwer emerges as “loud” character


Mumbai: Bigg Boss had the biggest surprise in store for the inmates with the introduction of Double Trouble room. Aman and Kishwer were privileged to enter the rooms to take a call on the “bandhans” of the inmates.
As per the deal,

If either Aman or Kishwer pressed the button, all the contestants would be bandhan mukt.
If both pressed the button then they will be back in bandhan and the rest of the contestants will be bandhan mukt.
And if neither of them pressed the button, they along with one of their favourite jodi will be in bandhan while the rest of the contestants will be bandhan mukt.
Only Aman pressed the button. As a result everyone in the house became bandhan mukt.

Bigg Boss asked Kishwer to award the contestants with nicknames mentioned on a slate that was meant to be hung around the inmates’ neck. As per the order, Kishwer awarded the following titles to:

Boring- Arvind

Nakli- Mandana

Entertainer- Prince

Rule breaker- Rochelle

Aswacch- Aman

Kamchor- Vikas

A new task of clicking selfies created a lot of chaos in the house. The inmates were divided into two teams and each had to distract the other without physically touching one another while clicking selfies. Whichever team clicked at least 4 selfies with no one from the opposition in the frame, was awarded the winner’s tag.


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