‘Bigg Boss 13’: Rashami taunts Shehnaz for borrowing clothes


After a testosterone-filled week highlighted by Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla’s fight, it is now the time for the girls to take out their claws on the upcoming episode of “Bigg Boss 13”. Actress Rashami Desai and Punjabi star Shehnaz Gill got into a verbal spat over clothes in the controversial Colors show.

It all started when Rashami accused Shehnaz of wearing and exhausting the collection of her designer clothes because she can’t afford any.

On hearing this, Shehnaz lost her cool and assured Rashami that she would pay the designer for the outfits once she gets out of the house. She also said that Rashami has no other work to do inside the house, and hence she brings up external issues to fight with people inside.

Rashami then tagged Shehnaz as the “Punjab ki Rakhi Sawant” while Shehnaz gave her a mouthful by saying that Rakhi Sawant is a good human being and she is also bold enough to be upfront unlike Rashami, who hides behind a mask without showing her real face.

Mumbai, Nov 21 (IANS)


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