Biden, Harris team ‘very good set of people’: Bill Gates


New York: Biden, Harris team ‘very good set of people’: Bill Gates. Taking a swipe at Donald Trump without taking the US President’s name, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates described the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris team as a “very good set of people” without “outliers” who contradict public health experts during a raging pandemic. Biden, Harris team ‘very good set of people’: Bill Gates.”I think the Biden team of people is a very good set of people who have track records of scientists working on healthcare… you don’t have any, you know, outliers in terms of not believing in public health, so it looks good to me,” Gates said in a late-night television interview.

Gates welcomed the recent 90 percent efficacy results from Pfizer and Moderna. He is betting on AstraZeneca getting UK approval “not too long from now” and expects Novavax and Johnson and Johnson approvals to “come fairly early next year.”

“And these vaccines are easier to scale up to get global coverage. So, the vaccine front is looking very promising”, Gates told CNN, referring to the world of non-Pfizer and non-Moderna class of vaccines, where the cold chain requirements are less daunting.



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