Bank of India Posts PAT of Rs. 127 crore for the Q2, FY 2017



Mumbai: Bank of India announced its reviewed results for the Q2 of FY 2017, following the approval of its Board of Directors on November 10, 2016.

· Bank earned a PBT of Rs.197 crore and a PAT of Rs. 127 crore for the Q2, FY 2017. Its Net Loss has reduced sequentially from Rs.3,587 crore in March 2016 to Rs.741 crore in June 2016. During the corresponding quarter of FY2016 Bank had posted a Net Loss of Rs.1,126 crore.

· Global business of the Bank stood at Rs.893,978 crore as of September 2016 as compared to Rs. 885,573 crore of June 2016 and Rs.894,667 crore as of March 2016. The Global business improved by 0.95% compared to June 2016 and declined by 0.08% as compared to March 2016. This was a result of Bank’s strategy to consolidate the Balance Sheet.

· CASA Deposits grew by 13% YOY and its share in domestic deposits improved from 31% in September 2015 to 36% in September 2016.

· The Gross Advances at Rs.388,698 crore grew sequentially by 0.29% over Q1 of FY2017. On a YOY basis, advances declined by 1.79%.

· The share of Corporate loans in Total Domestic Advances was brought down from 54% in September 2015 to 51% as of September 2016.

· The share of Retail Loan Portfolio (Non-Corporate Loans) has grown from 46% in September 2015 to 49% in September 2016.

· Retail advances increased by 11.36% YOY at Rs. 38,908 crore and its share in Total Domestic Advances increased from 12.54% in September 2015 to 14.18% in September 2016.

· The Retail Time Deposit of Rs. One crore & below increased to 75% of Total Deposit in September 2016 as against 64% in September 2015.

· Slippages in NPA during Q2 FY2017, declined from Rs.6,233 crore in June 2016 to Rs. 3,963 crore in September 2016, thereby continuing the reversal of trend started from June 2016. After taking into account recovery, upgradation etc. the net accretion to NPAs was Rs.388 crore in Q2 FY2017 as compared to Rs.1,995 crore in Q1FY2017, Rs.13,360 crore in Q4, FY2016 and Rs.6,626 crore in Q3 FY2016.

· The Provision Coverage Ratio improved from 51.14% in March 2016 to 55.23% in September 2016.

· Priority Sector advances stood at Rs. 109,636 crore which constitutes 40.10% of ANBC thereby achieving the regulatory target for the quarter ended September 2016.

· The Bank’s Operating Profit was Rs.2,493 crore in Q2 FY2017 as against Rs.1,458 crore in Q2 FY2016. PAT stood at Rs.127 crore (PBT: Rs.197 crore) as compared to PAT of Rs.-1,126 crore for the corresponding quarter of September 2015.

· The Domestic Net Interest Margin (NIM) has improved from 2.54% in quarter June 2016 to 2.62% in September 2016.

· The Global NIM has dropped from 2.20% to 2.15% on QoQ basis.

· The Gross NPA ratio stood at 13.45% as on September 30, 2016 as compared to 13.38% as at June 30, 2016. Net NPA ratio reduced to 7.56% as against 7.78% in June 30, 2016.

· Total Restructured Standard Assets of the Bank were Rs. 12,012 crore as at September 30, 2016. The total Stressed Assets (GNPA + Restructured Standard Assets) are 16.53% of the Gross Advances.


· The CRAR on standalone basis (Basel III) is 12.50% as at September 30, 2016 improved from 12.01% as at March 2016. Out of this, the Tier-I Capital is 9.37% and Tier -II Capital is 3.13%.

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