‘Bajirao Mastani’ movie review: Avant-garde folklore, gleaming through Ranveer’s eyes and Deepika’s sweat!


Sanjay Leela Bhansali– an artist backed with a vision that seldom fails to impress his audiences, is back, proudly presenting a labour of love, a magnum opus—‘Bajirao Mastani’.

Well, the anticipation sure was quenched, with rock solid story line backing the movie like a mountain. The unmissable exemplary screenplay where Bhansali’s each frame formation, on the silver screens seems no less than majestic.

His vision, his thought process and the tenacity to deliver a flawless piece of art, has infused all the right ingredients to make ‘Bajirao Mastani’ a blockbuster, in its genre.

Talking about the dialogues—Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka have absolutely nailed it with their portrayal of real life characters. Dialogue writing gets a plus as it is precise and apt.

The depth in the project makes it cruise smooth, yet tempestuous in the minds of the audiences.

Costume designing to set designing cannot be overlooked and only brighten up the screens complimenting the feel of the movie.

The fight scenes, flying swords, intense teary eyes to the screams of a warrior’s passion, there has been no back seat taken or any compromise in the effort to make each shot scenic.

Little longer stretched but the arduous dramatization of a Marathi novel ‘Rau’ in ‘Bajirao Mastani’ can give goosebumps to drama lovers.

The cinematography lights up the eyes with its calm-ness and precision. The camera movements, flawless background scores to set direction, and serenity of grandeur, pushes the movie higher.

Ranveer and Deepika’s chemistry in the twisted love story has been untwisted with much ease.

The aplomb and majesty in this Avant Garde folklore, helmed by Bhansali, has walked strong, on the road-not-taken in terms of Indian cinema.

The folk Marathi accent and the ensemble is near perfection, seems like the cast has taken a deep dip in the ocean of their characters.

Milind Soman is fresh to see as supporting actor, sporting the bald look.

The script is heavy and flaunts the pain, fights, love and royalty of Maratha Peshwas and it has undoubtedly been woven well on the big screens.

Music is like a breath of fresh air and the songs have been shot well. Giving a plus to the thunderous background scoring that amplified each frame.

Thumping of the horses, camera panning Ranveer’s stretched, angry face to the stormy night sky, dramatics are optimum.

Without any boundaries and stepping back, SLB has worked his best entirely, in presenting to his audiences, the best of cinematic experience.

The movie has a firm ground holding and has therefore risen to sky heights with its message and creativity.

An outright outshining piece of art made unblemished, sprinkled with sincerity and discipline of acting—this love folklore will restore the drama lovers, back in their ‘expectation’ block.

A challenge to the critics’ lens and a treat to viewers—‘Bajirao Mastani’ is gloriously grand! Book the tickets without a doubt.


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