Apple has made shifts to its executive team, naming Jeff Williams as its first chief operating officer (COO) since Tim Cook moved into the chief executive job some four years ago. Also read: Apple appoints Jeff Williams as COO; revamps top management Here’s all you need to know about the new Apple COO. Jeff Williams holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Duke University. Before Apple, Williams worked for the IBM Corporation from 1985 to 1998 in a number of operations and engineering roles. Williams joined Apple in 1998 as head of worldwide procurement. In 2004, he was named VP Operations. Since 2010, Williams has overseen Apple’s entire supply chain, service and support and social responsibility initiatives. In 2007, he played a key role in Apple’s entry into the mobile phone market with the launch of iPhone. Williams continues to supervise development of Apple’s first wearable product, Apple Watch. He is often referred to as “Tim Cook’s Tim Cook”. As per a New Yorker article, William “earlier this year drove a Toyota Camry until recently, even though he was awarded $66 million in restricted stock in fiscal 2012 and another $20 million in fiscal 2014.”


Washington: In what could affect hundreds of Indian IT companies, the US Congress has doubled a special fee on the popular H-1B and L-1 visas raising it up to USD 4,500 to fund a 9/11 healthcare act and biometric tracking system that will.

Congressional leaders, while agreeing on the USD 1.1 trillion spending bill, yesterday decided to impose a special fee of USD 4,000 on certain categories of H-1B visas and USD 4,500 on L-1 visas.

According to the agreed bill, the new USD 4,000 fee would apply to companies having at least 50 employees with 50 per cent of their employees on H-1B or L-1 visa. Such companies would have to pay a new fee of USD 4,000 for H-1B visas and USD 4,500 for L-1 visas.

While the specific provisions of the spending bill has no mention of Indian IT companies, the language of the bill has been written in such a way that it would have a big impact on Indian IT companies.

Though the lawmakers behind the bill described it as a temporary provision, the new H-1B and L-1 visa fee increase is for a period of 10 years as against a previous provision of five years. The previous such provision from 2010 to 2015 of USD 2,000 for H-1B visas lapsed on September 30.

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