Angela Merkel pledges support for Ukraine’s development


Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Ukrainian president-elect Petro Poroshenko and pledged support for Ukraine’s future development, media reported on Friday.

Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting Poroshenko, Merkel praised the “fair and free election” held at the last month in Ukraine, saying it was a “pan-Ukrainian poll” which was also accepted by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) according to its standards, Xinhua reported.

Merkel said that Ukraine still faces difficulties and Germany wants to be “very helpful” in this situation.

She promised that Germany will provide Ukraine help in its efforts to secure a good economic development in the country as well as peaceful and safe living conditions for Ukrainian people.

The chancellor also called on Russia to support Ukraine’s efforts to keep its territorial integrity and responding to the needs of different parts of Ukrainian people.

Poroshenko thanked Merkel for Germany’s constant support for Ukraine’s efforts to integrate into the European Union (EU) and the economic reform in the country.


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