America swooning over Priyanka Chopra?


We also get a glimpse of some backstage action, where some claim that they absolutely love her and another remains clueless about who she is. One gentleman goes on to say, “hot and so damn fine” and they even call her “the most beautiful girl ever, right right at this moment”. But, of course one of the cons of being in showbiz is that you’re bound to get some criticism.

With a not-so-subtle attempt at sarcasm, they talk about ABC’s ‘Quantico’ being “about FBI agents who protect America by being attractive and having s** in cars.” The video also features a still from one of Priyanka’s not-so-successful movies, as they poked a tiny bit of fun at the actress. When asked about diversity in front or behind the camera, Priyanka Chopra replied with a ‘pageant queen’ answer, saying, “I think what we need is a colourblind world!”


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