Akshay ‘Entertainment’ hits this Friday: Recap of movies with animals in lead roles (view pics)


New Delhi: Since Akshay Kumar’s ‘Entertainment’ is inching closer to its release this Friday, viewers are all excited to get their share of laughter doze this weekend. While Khiladi Kumar and Sonu Sood are already here to serve the purpose, to give them a run for the money there is cute accompany in the names of dog and not just one but many.

So, besides the actors, these dogs are going to play a prominent role in the flick and we are sure this is going to work for the flick a big time like before.

Casting animals in movies have been a great sign of displaying relationship between them and humans. In Indian cinema it’s the lead actors who mostly dominate the flick, however, pets and other animals if given a limelight, they leave no stone unturned to garner their share of applause apart from adding a required zeal to the flick.


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