Adele is hilariously funny: Bette Midler



Los Angeles:  Singer Bette Midler, who was introduced to singer Adele by their mutual friend, Elton John, says she was surprised to find out how “hilariously funny” Adele was.

Midler was “touched” that Adele wanted to meet her so she invited her over to her home for a meal, reports

“I think (Adele) is one of the greatest vocalists of our time. I love her song writing skills. She’s a wonderful communicator, she’s hilariously funny,” Midler said in an interview with Magic Radio.

Singer Adele

Singer Adele

“I’ve met her and spent time with her in Los Angeles. Elton John introduced us. He had a luncheon for her when she came to town a couple of years ago and she wanted to meet me. I was so touched because people don’t often ask to meet me.

“They’ll ask to meet Paul McCartney or Bruce Springsteen but not me. I didn’t expect at my late stage that someone like that would be a fan of mine. I love her, she came to the house, yes she did, we cooked for Adele,” she added.



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