9 Hours Traffic and Power Block at Diva station



Central Railway will operate a 9 hours special traffic and power block on Dn Fast Line at Diva station on Sunday 9.10.2016 from 09.15 hrs to 18.15 hrs for cutting the existing Dn Fast line track and slewing to new alignment on CST and Kalyan end.

Diversion of Suburban Services:

Down fast locals leaving Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus from 08.29 hrs to 17.41 hrs will be diverted on Dn slow line between Thane and Kalyan stations halting at all stations between Thane and Kalyan.

Up fast locals for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus leaving Kalyan from 10.28 hrs to 17.20 hrs will be diverted on Up slow line between Kalyan and Thane stations halting at all stations between Kalyan and Thane.

Late arrival of suburban and long distance trains

All Up and Dn slow, semi fast and fast locals leaving/arriving CST during the block period will arrive destination 15 to 20 minutes behind schedule.

Due to this block certain services will remain cancelled, however additional services will be run on CST – Thane/Kurla section.

Dn Mail/Express trains during this period will run on Dn slow line and will arrive / depart 20 to 30 minutes behind schedule.

Cancellation of Mail/Express and Partial cancellation of Passenger trains:

1. Train No. 11010 Sinhagad Express arriving Mumbai on 9.10.2016

2. Train No. 11009 Sinhagad Express leaving Mumbai on 9.10.2016

3. Train No. 12126 Pragati Express arriving Mumbai on 9.10.2016

4. Train No. 12125 Pragati Express leaving Mumbai on 9.10.2016

5. Train No. 12118 Godavari Express arriving Lokmanya Tilak Terminus on 9.10.2016

6. Train No. 12117 Godavari Express leaving Lokmanya Tilak Terminus on 9.10.2016

7. Train No. 50104 Ratnagiri-Dadar passenger of 9.10.2016 will be terminated at Panvel

8. Train No. 50103 Dadar-Ratnagiri passenger of 9.10.2016 will depart from Panvel

Passengers of 50104/50103 Ratnagiri-Dadar-Ratnagiri are permitted to travel between Panvel and Dadar upto Kurla via Harbour line, upto Thane via Trans-harbour line and on Main line between Kurla / Thane to Dadar.

MEGA BLOCK ON 9.10.2016
Central Railway will operate Mega Block on its suburban section of Harbour line for carrying out maintenance work on 9.10.2016:


Dn services for Panvel/Belapur/Vashi leaving Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai from 10.11 am to 3.29 pm and Up services for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai leaving Panvel/Belapur/Vashi from 10.29 am to 3.46 pm will remain cancelled.

Special services will be run on Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai-Mankhurd & Thane-Panvel sections during the block period.

Harbour line passengers are permitted to travel via Trans Harbour / Main line from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm on their valid tickets.
Due to these blocks, suburban trains are likely to be more crowded than usual. Passengers are requested not to take any risks while travelling. They are also requested to avoid travelling on foot board, roof top of locals and not to board extremely over crowded trains.

Passengers are requested to bear with the Railway Administration for the inconvenience caused.


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