2000 saplings planted by Miyawaki method at material organisation, Ghatkopar



2000 saplings planted by Miyawaki method at the material organisation, Ghatkopar. Material Organisation of Indian Navy located at Ghatkopar planted around 2000 saplings using Miyawaki method of sustainable afforestation. Located in the densely populated suburbs of Central Mumbai, MO(Mb) planted endemic species of trees/plants as per Miyawaki method through a survey of natural forests at Powai and Borivali National Park by a joint team from M/s Green Solutions, an NGO and the Environment Team of Material Organisation.


Eleven species of plants were selected for plantation viz., Saptaparni, Kadamba, Ragtoora, Tamhad, Karanj, Kachnar, Basant Rani, Badam, Bakul, Bixa and Kailash pati were planted systematically so that they form different levels such as ‘Sub-Tree / Canopy layer’ and ‘Emergent Layer’.


The Miyawaki method for creating urban forests was invented by Japanese Botanist and expert in plant ecology, Dr Akira Miyawaki, as a solution to the rampant urbanisation. The area has been transformed into a mini urban forest with ten to fifteen feet tall trees in just about eight months by a group of dedicated volunteers.


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