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Movie Review – Firangi

Producer – Kapil Sharma
Director – Rajiv Dhingra
Genre – Periodic drama romance.
Cast –
Kapil Sharma
Ishida Dutta
Anjana Shirivastav
Rajesh Sharma
Monica Gill
Kumud Mishra
Edward Sonnenblick
Manga is an uneducated and jobless young man who dreams of joining the Police Force but fails at every attempt made to do so. During a visit to the village Naku Guda for his friend Heera’s  wedding, Manga comes across Sargi  and falls in love with her, but because of being jobless Manga is unable to take forward his relationship with Sargi.
Manga was born with a unique ability that he could cure anyone’s backache with a simple kick to their backside. One day he manages to cure Mark Daniel of his backache using the same ability of his. Impressed by this act of Manga, Mark offers him a job in the Police Force, which Manga happily accepts. Manga is now convinced that since he has a job now, Sargi’s family won’t object to his marriage with her and so he approaches Sargi’s grandfather Lalaji  with regards to this. But Lalaji, who is a follower of Mahatma  Gandhi  refuses the proposal because Manga is working for the Britishers, the very same people from whom the people of the country are fighting to get their independence from.
What’s Good – The Film shot fully on outdoor shooting locales of Punjab and Rajasthan looks very authentic and the British era is recreated with great pains and hard work.
British Actor Edward Sonnenblick and Kumud Mishra give in superb acting performances.
The Story is fresh and nothing like you have ever seen before of the British Indian conflict style this is more family Drama types.
What’s Bad – Actor and Producer Kapil Sharma fails misearably as an actor he is just about average in his acting skills and Inspite of him being a brilliant comedian with superb timing he in his goal to prove himself a good actor shies away from doing any comedy in the movie making the movie and his acting effort a big dud.
Ishida Dutta in her shy and reserved role is a showpiece and nothing else.
Beauty pageant winner Monica Gill had a good chance of showing of her Beauty and glamour is rather made to act another chance wasted.
With too many loopholes too many chances taken and too many opportunities wasted and Kapil Sharma almost ghost directing the movie. The whole turn out a boring insipid fare.
My Verdict – Yet another mediocre fare dished out by brilliant comedian Kapil Sharma a movie which failed to live up to expectations both his and the audiences.
My Rating 2 of 5 stars
Firdaus Pavri 4/12/2017
Ervad Firdaus R. Pavri
Panthaky Godavara Agiary
Fort Mumbai
BJP karyakarta Dadar
Freelance Journalist for Food, Cars and Movies.
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