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Excerpts of PM’s address at HT Leadership Summit – 2017


Shobhana Bhartia ji,

all the great teachers,

brothers and sisters present, have

once again given me an opportunity to come among the people. Many well-known faces are also visible. Thank you very much for the Hindustan Times Group and its readers to call me again.

Companions, two years ago when I came to this summit, the subject was “Towards a Brighter India”, just two years, in just two years, we are talking on “The Irreversible Rise of India” today. This is not just a change of topic. These changes in the thinking of the country, symbolizing the change in the country’s confidence.

If we see the country in an entirety, look like a Living Entity, then today the Positive Attitude that has come into our country, it was never before. I do not remember, the poor, the young people, the women, the peasants, the exploited and the deprived people had their strengths, their resources, and so much faith in their dreams that they had never done before.

This trust has come now. All of us hundred and fifty million Indians have done this together for the day and night. The countrymen rely on themselves, trusting the country …. This is the mantra of taking any country to the altitude.

Today is the Gita jayanti, in Gita it is said with great clarity –

Utsheta Atma Atmanam na asmatan avashayaatayatam ghost –

Self -brother-brotherly self- love ripur self, elevate yourself ; Avoid negative thoughts
You are your own friend and you are your own enemy

and that is why Lord Buddha Also said –

‘App Deepo Bhava’ means your own light.

Increasing confidence of 500 million people is becoming a strong foundation for the development of this country. From every person sitting in this hall, outside the hotel, who is driving auto

rickshaw, pulling a rickshaw, somewhere is fixing the broken edge in the field, and nowhere in the tent He is sleeping, he has done penance of his part. This is the austerity of every Indian, due to which we are talking about “Towards a Brighter India” and talking about Irreversible Rise of India.

Companions, the people of the country did not vote for just changing the government in 2014. Was voted in 2014 to change the country. To make such changes in the system, which are permanent, be permanent, irreversible. Even after so many years of independence, the weakness of our system was hampered in the success of our country.

It was a system which was unable to do justice with the capabilities of the country. Everybody had to fight against this system in the country. It is not only my effort but also the commitments that the fight of people’s system is stopped, irreversible change has come in their life, the ease of living has increased.

For small things, for getting tickets for rail-bus, for connection of gas, for electricity connection, to get admitted to hospital, to get a passport, do not get disturbed to get income tax refund Fall.

For colleagues, Corruption Free for this Government, Citizen-Centric and Development Friendly Eco-system is the biggest priority. Based on policies, based on technology, such an Eco-system based on transparency, the scope of the leakage, the scope for leakage is minimal.

If I talk about the Janhana Yojna, then it has brought such a change in the lives of the poor, who could not have thought before. The poor who was first dismissed by the door of the bank, have a bank account. Rupay Debit Card is also being given to those whose accounts are open. The number of such people in our country of more than 100 million people is more than 300 million.

Think of that poor’s self-confidence, when he goes to the bank and deposits money, when he uses the Rupay Debit card. This self-belief, this courage, now it is Permanent, no one can change it.

There is such a bright plan. The life of more than three crore women living in the village has changed this scheme forever. They just did not get the free gas connection, they got protection, got health, got the time for the family.

Think of the change in the lives of millions of women, which have come from the clean India mission. The government has not only made the toilets but has also provided millions of women and girls with relief from the pain, which they would tolerate in the evening waiting.

Some people will take photos of a little filth, keep on writing, keep showing on TV, but people know what kind of irreversible change this campaign has made on the ground.

Brothers and Sisters, I do not know how many people sitting in this hall will be able to relate it, but as much as you leave here, as a parking tip, less than today, the life of the poor gets insured.

Think, life insurance on accident insurance, and 90 paisa per day for just one rupee per month. Today, more than 15 crore people of the country have joined these schemes of the poor government. Under these schemes, a claim amount of Rs 1800 crore has been given to the poor. If any other government had given so many rupees, he would have been presented as a messiah.

But such a great work was done for the poor, I do not think anyone would have paid attention to it. This is also a fact that I accept and follow. Another example is the LED bulb. In the previous government, the LED bulb sold for three hundred and three hundred hundred is now available in a middle class family of about Rs 50. Since the launch of the Ujala scheme, about 28 million LED bulbs have so far been sold in the country. The estimated savings of people exceeding Rs 14 thousand crore have been made from these bulbs.

It is not that at saving, there will be a full stop in some time when the electricity bill is low. The savings which are being saved will remain the same. These savings are also now permanent.

I do not know whether brothers or sisters, either by the government, had already stopped anyone from doing so or not. But I know that by taking decisions in making systematic changes in the system, by taking a decision in the country, nobody will stop it.

Those who believe that the country can not be changed by turning a magic stick, they are full of frustration and despair. This approach prevents us from innovating anything new.

This approach prevents us from making the decision. Therefore, this government’s approach is completely different from that. Just talk about neem coating like urea. In the previous government, 35 percent of urea was neem coating. While the whole system knew that 35 percent neem coating would be of no use. To stop the diarrhea of urea, to stop it from going to the factories, its hundred percent neem coating has to be done. But this decision did not happen earlier. This government took the decision to fully neem coating of urea.

Brothers and sisters, this decision has not only stopped the diarrhea of urea, but its efficiency has increased. Now the farmer has to put less urea for the same land. Not only this, despite low urea, its yield is increasing.

Similarly, now we are preparing a digital platform in the country, where any place the farmers can sell their produce from anywhere. This huge system is going to change in the country. More than four hundred and more mandals of the country have been added online since e-Nam, ie Electronic National Agriculture Market. In the future, these platforms will help farmers to get a fair price for their crops.

More recently, the government has started the “Prime Minister Kisan Samantha Yojna” to strengthen the storage system to strengthen supply chain in the agriculture sector of the country. The purpose of this scheme is to get rid of any grain or fruit before reaching the market after being born in the farm or garden. The government is also strengthening the food processing sector under this scheme so that the farmer’s farm works like an industrial unit.

On food parks, on modern technology related to food processing, on new warehouses, the government is going to spend more than Rs 6,000 crore on preparing complete infrastructure for agro-processing.

Brothers and sisters, over time demand for organic farming and organic products is also increasing. Like Sikkim, many other states have the potential to become 100 percent organic state. Especially in our Himalayan states it can be further extended. For this, the government is also working on the scheme of promoting organic farming by making 10 thousand clusters.

Just recently we have taken another big decision. Brothers and Sisters, so far, Bamboo was considered to be a tree in a country’s law. Because of this, the farmers suffered a lot due to bamboo cutting. Now the government has removed the bamboo from the list of trees.

This will be beneficial to the far-flung areas of the country, especially the North-east, who are engaged in the work of Bamboo Furniture, Handi-Kraft. You may be surprised to know that in another law made by the earlier government, bamboo was not considered tree.

This contradiction has now been removed after ten-twelve years. Companions, decisions are taken with the holistic approach in our government. Decisions are taken while understanding the needs of the country. Such decisions were not being taken earlier, so every person in the country was in concern. Apart from seeing the country free of internal evils, the construction of new systems also seemed to happen.

Brothers and sisters, the system we had here made corruption as a courtesy. Black money was only controlling every major sector in the country. In 2014, hundreds of millions of people voted to change this system. He had voted for the treatment of diseases of the country, he had voted for the creation of New India.

You will be feeling yourself the kind of behavioral change that has come in the country after demonetization. This is the first time since independence, when the corrupt people are scared before the transactions of black money. There is fear of being caught in them. The black money that was the basis of the first parallel economy, came in the Formal Economy after Demonetization.

The big thing is that these money returned to the banking system has brought evidence with you. The data that the country has received is not less than any treasure. The mining of this data has shown that four or four hundred and five hundred companies were operating in the same address in our country, and each company had opened two to two thousand bank accounts. What was not this strange paradox? On one hand, the poor had difficulty in opening an account in the bank and on the other hand a company easily opened thousands of accounts.

During the note-taking, the manipulation of these accounts was coming in the way. So far, nearly two and a half lakh companies have been de-registered. The directors of these companies, whose responsibility was that these companies should work properly, their responsibility has also been fixed. He has now been barred from becoming a director in any other company.

Companions, this is a step which will further strengthen healthy and clean corporate culture in our country. Applying GST is also an important step for the country’s economic hygiene. In 70 years, the system which was created, the weaknesses in doing business, which were compulsions, leaving behind them, the country has now moved forward.

A new chapter of Transparency has started in the country even with GST. More and more businessmen are also joining this upright system. Companions, such an Irreversible Change, is getting help from Aadhaar number. Aadhaar is such a power that this government wants to ensure the rights of the poor.

Support for cheap ration, scholarship, medical expenses, pension, subsidy from the government, the basis for reaching out to the poor has a big role. With the addition of the strength of mobile and public accounts with the base, an arrangement has been created, which could not be thought of until a few years ago. An arrangement that is irreversible.

In the last three years, billions of fake names have been removed from the system with the help of Aadhaar. Now even against the benami property, it is going to be a big weapon.

Brothers and Sisters, the old way of government procurement in this government has also been completely changed. We have developed a new system called Government E-Market Place by GeM.

In this government, tender is being given through this and procurement of government goods is being done. Now even with the cottage industry, even a small handicraft maker, Home Made Goodsman can also sell the goods to the government through GeM.

Brothers and sisters, we are moving towards an arrangement in which there will be less chance of corruption, due to system weakness.

On the day that most of the purchases and transactions of money in the country started becoming a technical and digital address, Organized Corruption will be going to a great extent from that day. I know, how much will it cost me politically, but I am ready for that too.

Companions, when there is speed in the schemes, then the country progresses. There may have been some change, due to which the speed of the government plans has increased. The tools are the same, the resources are the same, but the system has got a speed. This is because the government is also developing a new work culture in the Bureau. Making him more responsive.

• Today the result of this is that, in the previous government, 11 km national highways were built every day, now more than 22 km National Highway is built in a day.

• In the last three years of last government, 80 thousand kilometers of roads were built in villages, our government has built 1 lakh 20 thousand kilometers in three years. • In the last three years of the previous government, about 1100 km new railway line was constructed, in three years this government has reached more than 2100 kilometers.

• In the last three years of last government, 2500 kilometers of railway line had been electrified, more than 4300 kilometers of railway line has been done in three years of this government.

• In the last three years of last government, the expenditure of about 1 lakh 49 thousand crores was made, in the last three years, the capital expenditure of about 2 lakh 64 thousand crores has been done.

• In the last three years of the previous government, a new capacity of Renewable Energy of 12 thousand MW was added, the new capacity of more than 22 thousand MW of Renewable Energy has been added to Grid Power in three years of this Government.

• Compared to the previous government, talk about development in the shipping industry, before the growth of cargo handling was negatively, while the government has increased more than 11 percent in three years.

Companions, if things were not done properly at the grassroots level, could this speed come? Government could take these decisions? No. Changes in the whole system have to be made for large and permanent changes. When these changes take place, the country reaches 142 to 100 in the ranking of Ease of Doing Business in just three years.

Brothers and sisters, all of you know, what we got in our inheritance when we came in 2014? The condition of the economy, the condition of the governance, the fiscal order and the condition of the banking system, all got disturbed. You had to say the same thing in less words, people had to write in the headline, then they would say, policy paralysis ….

Imagine, our country was counted as Fragile Five. All the countries of the world thought that we would recover from the crisis of the economy, but this fragile Five itself would be drowned if we drown ourselves.

Today Globally India is standing, in what position, you are well-acquainted with him. Whether big or small, most of the world’s countries today want to be on the shoulders side with India. India is constantly increasing its influence on the international stage. Now it is not about to stop, it is going to move forward.

Companions, when a nation stands with confidence, irreversible and reversible does not matter. When a nation moves its steps with self-confidence, takes decisions, then it happens, which has not happened in the last 70 years.

India’s success in the election of the International Court of Justice is a symbol of change in the thinking of the whole world. Brothers and Sisters, when Yoga is unanimously recognized in the United Nations, its Irreversible Rise is seen.

When the International Solar Alliance is formed on the initiative of India, then its Irreversible Rise appears.

Companions, our government has linked diplomacy to humanism, linked to human sensitivities. When an earthquake occurs in Nepal, the first time India is engaged in rescue and relief work. When Sri Lankan floods, India’s navy readily gets the first aid to help. When there is a water crisis in the Maldives, water from the ship is transported from India. When there is a crisis in Yemen, India does not save more than four thousand citizens, but also secures 48 thousand people from all countries and also safe. It is the result of India’s growing credibility and the growing belief that Indians living in foreign countries today are talking to their forehead and up front.

When abroad slogans slogans of “The Government of Cameran” and “The Times Now Trump Government”, then it is the acceptance of the strength of these Indians. Brothers and Sisters, when every organization, every society, every person recognizing their potential, will begin to change their level, then the dream of New India will be fulfilled. This dream of New India is not mine, you also have it. Today, the demand of the time is that every institution related to nation building, recognizing the needs of the country, recognizing the challenges facing the country, doing some resolutions at its own level.

In 2022, when the country celebrates 75 years of independence, we have to fulfill these resolutions. I can not give any advice to you myself, but I want to remind all of us dear, former President Dr Abdul Kalam. They said –

“Why is our media so negative? Why is it that we are embarrassed by our own capabilities and achievements in India? We are such a great country, we have such wonderful stories of success, yet we refuse to accept them. Why is it so? ” 

They had said this many years ago. If you are well-versed to the intellectuals, then you will definitely talk about it in the minarets, in the news rooms. I hope the changes you make will be irreversible.

I have urged the entire media world of this forum from this platform, you also get your own resolution and motivate others too. As you have played an active role in transforming Swachh Bharat Abhiyan into a mass movement, you can go ahead with this step of accomplishment in the journey of fulfillment.

With these words, I end my talk. Once again, the very best wishes to the Hindustan Times Group for this event.

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